San Antonio Express-News: Demos should dump two-step delegate system

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The San Antonio Express-News has written a second editorial against the Texas Two-Step. The first time was in June

Now, on Dec 29, after the hearing of the Advisory Committee held in San Antonio on Dec 20, the San Antonio Express-News published the following editorial entitled “Demos should dump two-step delegate system“:

A rules review now under way could lead to crucial relief for Texas Democrats.That relief would be in the form of dumping the ridiculously confusing “Texas two-step” system for selecting delegates to the national presidential nominating convention.

After churning through numerous presidential primaries with little notice, the two-step system spawned a controversial mess this year.

The hybrid system involves both a primary election and a caucus process to choose delegates.

The intense battle between President-elect Barack Obama and foe Hillary Clinton brought out massive numbers of voters and caucus participants.

Caucuses were held after the polls closed on primary night, making it difficult for many working people and parents to attend.

The system was a stellar illustration of disenfranchising voters. It spawned massive chaos as well.

Caucus-goers had to wait for hours on election night to cast their votes in disorganized precinct-level meetings. And that was after voting in the primary election.

Texas Democratic officials were unsure how many delegates each candidate would get at the national convention until late in the process.

The advisory committee should recommend that the state party change its rules, and adopt a 100 percent primary system. It would bring true fairness and be less confusing.


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