Video: Democrats tackle Texas two-step

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Testimony in front of party leaders
Friday, 14 Nov 2008,
Ellen McNamara reporting for KXAN

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Texas Democrats testify before party leaders Friday morning over the Texas two-step process. The advisory committee headed by Texas Senator Royce West has been listening to public testimony all across the state for the last few months, and eventually, the committee will make a final recommendation to the State Democratic Executive Committee.

When the Lone Star State votes in presidential primaries, delegates are assigned by the results of both a primary and a caucus. The majority of those that spoke out against the current system Friday said the two step process disenfranchises many voters who cannot caucus after the polls close.

“We discriminate against single parents who can’t hire child care,” Concerned voter Peter Nolan said. “We discriminate against firefighters and policemen and restaurant workers who can’t take off from work.” Others argue that the system keeps grassroots groups alive. Kirsten Gray with the Texas Democratic Party said without record voter turnout during the March 4 primary, concerns about the current system might not have come about.

Three more public hearings will be held after Fridays hearing in Austin. Those hearings will be held in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. If the system were to change, only the legislature has the power to change the current election code. (Note from the reporter was mistaken.  TDP does not need the approval of the Texas Legislature to end the Texas Two Step.)


One Response to “Video: Democrats tackle Texas two-step”

  1. Rick Harold on November 17th, 2008 3:50 pm

    The Caucus was Bull , we stood in line untill 11PM , an Obama clad big woman refused to allow anyone to sign in , we had to call for back up .

    Then went down the line asking for everyone to get there Texas ID out or Voter registration , many argued they did not need that ,
    Half the line left . getting into cars , vans and a bus !
    Only one with Texas Plates , what the hell was that .
    This was a cold night , the older folks could not stand outside in the wind and cold the frauds all had heavy coats and blankets ,
    This was at precinct # 0264 Houston , Clay Rd Baptist Church .

    I was a Deligate , drove to Austin , room 2 check in room there was about to be a riot . This was all rediculouse . and illegal .
    I saw so many complaints and none resolved .

    Ken Yarborough to much of the blaim , he is a good honest man , was not him .
    Those were hired from out of state .

    I agree all the Caucus states must be thrown out , not just Texas , they are to easy to fix and there is no privacy raising your hand being intimidated .

    Pitiful , we need all the Democrats Possible that alienated and disenfranchised many and has yet to be resolved !

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