Texas Two-Step under scrutiny

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News 8 Austin
11/14/2008 10:28 PM
By: Catie Beck

Committee meetings about the Texas Two-Step have been going on across Texas since early September.

Texas Democratic Leaders got an earful Friday about the Texas Two-Step. That would be the voting system, not the venerable traditional dance step routine.

There was celebration but none of it was to applaud the Texas Two-Step. It was in fact cheer for changing it.

Some voters said everyone will never completely understand the system and that ultimately is its fatal flaw.

Flaws were the main topic of discussion Friday before a panel of Texas Democrats. Primary problems and issues with how Texas uses a combination of popular vote and caucus vote to determine its leaders.

“With such turnout at so many precincts, clearly there have been some issues for some people,” Kirsten Gray of the Texas Democratic Party said.

Critics of it say it’s too confusing and that asking voters to return to the polls at night to caucus is not a good measure of commitment to a candidate.

“It alienates and disenfranchises certain segments of the population,” Opponent of the Texas Two-Step, Sue Berkel said.

Democrats say specifically it leaves out the elderly and minorities. Hays County Republican Party Chair Craig Young said the system is not broke so there’s no need to fix it.

“I didn’t see a discrimination factor this time at the polls and it seemed to turn them out more than turn them away,” he said.

But some state leaders say the system wasn’t ready for the massive turnout and either way the Texas Two-Step needs a review step.

“There’s some changes that need to be made if we do decide to keep the Texas two-step process,” Sen. Royce West (D) Dallas said.

It’s a process that is unique to Texas but this election cycle has seen some unique challenges.

Committee meetings about the Texas Two-Step have been going on across Texas since early Septembe

These meetings will continue throughout the year.


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