‘Texas Two Step’ May Have Two Left Feet

November 15, 2008 by  
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November 14, 2008

The second half of the Texas Democratic Primary’s election process is being called complicated, confusing and possibly on its way out if some in the party have their way.
Known by many as the “Texas Two Step,” the primary election’s distribution of delegates consists of election results and a caucus held the same evening as the primary election.
“Leave it to Texans to screw this one up, which is what they did,” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said.The process can leave candidates receiving more of the popular vote but ending up with fewer overall delegates, such as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did when she finished with more of the popular vote in March’s primary election, but eventual President-elect Barack Obama ended up with more delegates after capturing more caucus voters.
“We’d like to simplify the whole primary process, the number of hoops we had to jump through,” said primary challenger Oren Rosenthal. “The number of mathematical calcualtions and the procedure involved in the way delegates were allocated really isn’t right.”Rosenthal’s group and its collective voice is being acknowledged by the state’s Democratic Party.
“There’s been so much turnout at so many precincts, clearly, there have been some issues for some people, and we want to hear about that,” said Kirsten Gray with the party. “The good things and the bad.”Gray said the party will be holding public hearings statewide and plans to evaluate the process and make changes if necessary.


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