Angry Democrats in Austin call for changes in Presidential primary

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Some Texas Democrats took steps Friday to try to change the way the party allocates delegates for the presidential race.  The process is known as the Texas Two Step and involves the Texas Primary and a caucus immediately after.

Most of the delegates go according to the popular vote during the primary, but the caucus also allocates a significant number.  Last election, there were so many people wanting to participate in the caucuses, it exposed flaws in the system.  Many had to start late, and many people couldn’t devote the time necessary to take part.

The Texas Two Step made news in March when Sen. Hillary Clinton won the primary vote but President-elect Barack Obama had better organization at the caucuses.

Protestors in Austin Friday, say they want the allocation of delegates to be determined solely by the popular vote in the primary.  They say the two step, with the caucus, puts power into the party elite’s hands.

From Change the Caucus – TDP Advisory Committee Hearing in Austin Nov 14, 2008

“The purpose of the two step resolution is to take away from the minority people and the poorer people and give that power to someone else.  I want to restore it to the voters in the democratic primary,” says Wendle Scott, an opponent of the two step, and supporter of the resolution to remove it.

Others disagree; saying the two step should be tweaked.

Norm Chafetz has been a Democrat for decade.

“Surely the system has some flaws, no question about it.  I agree with some of the concerns people have about excluding people from work and so forth, I think the process could be tweaked, I think it has valute, at least the people I affiliate with feel it serves a purpose.  People get to connect with their neighbors,” he said.

Texas Democrats began using the two step in 1988, as a way to stir up grassroots involvement.

Nov 14, 2008


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