Nov 14: Austin Meeting of the TDP Advisory Committee on the Primary/Caucus

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Democrats in the Austin area will have the opportunity to participate in a TDP Advisory Committee Hearing on the Primary/Caucus system this Friday, November 14, 2008, in Austin at the AFL-CIO Building (at 1106 Lavaca Street Austin, TX 78701) at 10 AM.

The committee will be taking public testimony, so if you want to speak, when you get there, look for the yellow postcard size forms that they are using for people to sign in to testify. You can also fill out the form, if you just want to register that you are for or against the current system but do not want to speak. You can also bring written testimony and submit that to the committee. If you speak, you do not have to provide a written copy, but you can, since that will help the committee be able to re-read your testimony later. They seem to prefer that people do not read their testimony, but just speak to them as if you are talking to them one one one, but you can still submit a written version after you speak.


2 Responses to “Nov 14: Austin Meeting of the TDP Advisory Committee on the Primary/Caucus”

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  2. Sandra Mann on November 13th, 2008 9:21 pm

    I cannot attend the meeting tomorrow morning, but I am absolutely AGAINST the Texas Two-Step caucus system!!! It is discriminatory against the elderly, who cannot drive at night, and young parents who need to get children to bed. Also, election workers need to pack up election materials and turn them into the receiving sub-stations BEFORE attending a caucus. They may miss the entire caucus as it could be over before they get back. Also, some election workers vote early & work at another precinct besides their own. It is then impossible for them to get back to attend their own caucus. I have been an election worker for several years. This past March, my husband, who was a judge, and I had to take turns running down the hall to sign in & running back to finish packing up materials. It was an unnecessary nuisance!! We should only need to vote ONCE per election – during the day (or early), not twice.

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