Join us at the 2010 TDP State Convention June 25, 26 in Corpus Christi

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The Texas Democratic Party will hold its 2010 State Convention in Corpus Christi June 25-26. will have a booth in the exhibition hall of the convention, so be sure to look for us. Resolutions to change the caucus passed several county conventions in various Senatorial Districts on March 20, 2010, so we will try to get the resolution passed at the State Convention. It will first be referred to the Rules Committee and if passed by the rules committee it will be voted on by all the delegates on the floor of the convention.

Thank you to everyone who took a resolution to your precinct convention on March 2 calling for a change to the primary/caucus system in future presidential election years so that all pledged delegates are allocated based on the results in the primary, instead of allocating 65 percent on the primary results and 35 percent on the caucus results at the precinct conventions. All voters should count equally in the process to choose the Democratic presidential nominee. Many people are unable to return to attend precinct conventions on election night, but they are able to vote earlier in the day, by mail or during the early voting period.

Help us protect the voting participation rights of Democrats, who have a right to have their votes fully counted regardless of whether they are able to return to participate in the caucus system, including many elderly voters who can not drive after dark or have health reasons that prevent them from attending the caucuses, parents with young children who can not arrange child care, people who work late and do not want to ask off, people serving our country in the military, and others, who for reasons beyond their control are unable to return to attend the precinct conventions.

We should not penalize the voters who can not attend a precinct convention by giving them only 2/3s of a vote. ALL Voters should be treated and listened to equally.

See you in Corpus Christi!


4 Responses to “Join us at the 2010 TDP State Convention June 25, 26 in Corpus Christi”

  1. FAITH CHATHAM on August 3rd, 2008 4:01 am

    Democrats must stop apportioning national presidential delegates by the caucus sign-in. The current system is too divisive, Precinct, Senatorial and State conventions are consumed by party in-fighting over getting one more delegate for “our candidate” instead of focusing on positioning and equipping activists to enable Democratic candidates winning the General Election. If we use the primary to decide how many national delegates each candidate gets, we will not be disenfranchiising the elderly, handicapped and those unable to be in town ot attend the caucus. Currently fewer people participate in the caucus than vote in the primary yet the caucus sign-in is utilized to apportion a third of the delegates. This waters down the choice of the majority of Texans who vote in the primary and has several times resulted in the candidate who got the least popular votes getting a greater number of delegates than the one who won the election.

  2. Gary Denton on September 5th, 2008 5:54 pm

    Please keep the Texas Two-Step but place the caucus on a separate day. The caucus system promotes the Democratic Party and shows those people who are willing to stand up and be counted for their candidates. Every county Democratic Party is thrilled at the number of new people the caucus system turned out. The ratio of one-third of the delegates being chosen by the caucus system seems about right.

  3. admin on September 5th, 2008 9:50 pm


    There are many people who would have liked to have had the chance to stand up and be counted for their candidates at the caucuses, but they were unable to do so because of various reasons beyond their control, for instance, they may have had children that they had to care for that evening, they may have been elderly and unable for health reasons to attend the caucuses, they may have been in the military and stationed overseas, they may have had the type of lower paid hourly wage positions that they were unable or unwilling to get off, and they may just have not been aware that to fully support their candidate it was required of them to come back to the precinct convention even though they had already voted in the primary.

    We should not penalize the voters who can not attend a precinct convention by giving them only 2/3s of a vote. ALL Voters should be treated and listened to equally.

  4. Tommy Brunson on September 15th, 2008 3:51 pm

    I watched, I listened and I heard. The two step system was used by some to try and although illegally gain delegates and that goes for both camps. Precinct Chairs did some pretty underhanded tactics,ie starting the caucus before the last vote was cast. I know a election judge that was told the caucus was already over before he could get from his spot after the last vote was cast.
    ONE VOTE !!!!!!!! Take the platforms up at the conventions. It’s time for the power brokers to give up power and put the process back into the hands of the voters.

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