Democrats take closer look at Texas Two-Step

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News 8
By: Kendra Mendez

Democrats take closer look at Texas Two-Step

State Rep. Royce West, D-Dallas, said the caucus system was overwhelming.
The 2008 Texas Primary was unlike any state Democrats had ever seen.

We all remember the caucus madness back in March. Few can forget the lines, chaos and confusion.

Now the Texas Democratic Party looks to reevaluate the Texas Two-Step process.

State Rep. Royce West, D-Dallas, said the caucus system was overwhelming.

“Needless to say, our caucus process was overwhelmed, to say the least, and that was what has precipitated this review,” he said.

Many are working to eliminate the craziness of the caucus system.

More than 2 million Democrats participated in the state primary, and a little more than a million voters made it out to caucus.

The Texas Two-Step dates back to 1988, and some think it’s time for change.

“There are persons that think we should scrap it all together, there are persons who think we need to modify it and then there are people who think we should keep it as it is,” West said.

Monday, the first of several meetings was planned to reevaluate the process with a committee set up by the Texas Democratic Party and chaired by West.

Graduate student Amy Esdorn missed out on caucusing because of class.

“I was basically not allowed to have a vote that counted as much as other people’s votes who could take the time on a Tuesday evening and go out,” she said.

Esdorn’s part of a group that wants to see the second step of the Texas Two-Step get the boot.

Johnny Limon wants to see Texas leave two-stepping to the dance halls.
Monique Maley believes caucusing is unfair for single mothers, students and the elderly and other people who cannot make it out.

“I think that it’s great that we had the opportunity for our voices to count, but if our voices are going to count then every voice needs to count equally,” she said.

Johnny Limon wants to see Texas leave two stepping to the dance halls.

“I think it’s very discriminatory, especially to the elderly because I have a 94-year-old mother who I had to take with me to go vote,” he said.

Boyd Richie, Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, said the process creates opportunity for participation but agrees it is important to review.

Maley agreed.

“We want to make sure we don’t disenfranchise any voters, and so I think it’s really great that this commission has decided to sit down and look at this,” Maley said.

Democrats have some time to figure it out, but taking a closer look is one step the whole party can agree on.


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