Democrats Mull “Two Step” Changes

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A Democratic Party committee holds the first of several meetings looking for options to fix the “Texas Two Step” hybrid primary/caucus system. There were many problems back in March when Democrats went to precinct caucuses after voting earlier in the day. Most of those problems were caused by the huge number of people that participated. Democratic Party officials say that number topped one million.

Party member Sue Berkel thinks the caucuses should be eliminated, or at the very least should not be used to split up presidential delegates. “I believe that the Texas caucus system is an unnecessary barrier to full participation,” she said.

State Party Chairman Boyd Ritchie says there is no question that things could have been done better, but that doesn’t mean the caucus system should be eliminated. “If we had just a winner-take-all primary like the Republicans did, no one has got a chance to participate other than big campaigns with big money,” he said. He also calls the caucuses a “party building tool.”

The chairman of this committee that will try to reach consensus is Dallas State Senator Royce West. He says the bottom line is to come up with recommendations that keep people interested and involved in the Democratic Party and actually increase the numbers of people involved. “You’ll hear testimony all over the board, and it’s up to the 21 people on this committee to come up with some recommendations,” he said.

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