Texas Democrats Should Allocate All Pledged Delegates Based on the Results of the Primary Vote

July 5, 2008 by  
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The best way to ensure that all voters are able to fully support their preferred candidate for president is to allocate all pledged delegates based on the results of the vote in the primary. People who have problems attending the caucuses, but who are just as passionate about their candidate as anyone else, can cast their ballots in the primary knowing that Texas Democratic Party elections are based on the principle of “One Person, One Vote” and their one vote will count equally as everyone else’s.

Our proposal would not end the precinct conventions. In 2012, there would still be a three tier convention system (precinct, senatorial/county and a state convention) through which the 126 pledged senatorial district delegates will be selected based on the primary results in each senatorial district just as they were in 2008. People would still attend precinct conventions and vote on who will be delegates to the senatorial or county conventions. They would also still bring resolutions and conduct party business.

The only difference would be that instead of the current 42 “at large” delegates and 25 “pledged party and elected official” delegates that in 2008 were allocated based on the sign-in at the state convention, those two type of delegates would be allocated in 2012 based on the statewide popular vote in the primary.

A system with all the delegates allocated based on the results of the primary would be fairer, more inclusive, more democratic and would more accurately reflect the voice of the people.


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