NPR: Texas Primary-Caucus Combo Explained by Kenneth Molberg

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To Listen to this NPR report, go to this page on NPR and click Listen Now under “Texas Primary-Caucus Combo Explained” [4 min 32 sec]. Molberg explains that the Two-Step process was set up to preserve “the role of the activists. Those people who are really engaged and go the extra mile.”

February 20, 2008 · Texans like to do things big. So why not have people vote twice on March 4? That’s pretty much the way the Democratic contest in Texas is structured. There will be a daylong primary, and then, that same night, a caucus.

Here’s the pitch Barack Obama made at his rally Tuesday night in Houston: “Now, I know this was explained to you. This is a little confusing. Not only do you have to vote — and we would prefer you to vote early — but on Election Day, March 4, you’re going to have to attend the caucus at 7 p.m. to get us a few more delegates. Can everybody do that, Houston?”

And Hillary Clinton told reporters Tuesday night that her campaign was flummoxed by the Texas system. “I had no idea how bizarre it was,” she admitted. “I’ve got people trying to understand it as we speak, and grown men are crying as we speak.”

Well, save your tears: Kenneth Molberg of the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee explains how it all works.


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