Delegates table proposal to change primary-caucus system

June 7, 2008 by  
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From the Statesman.

It looked like there would be a vote on the convention floor on a proposal to change the Democratic Party’s two-step primary and caucus system for allocating delegates in a presidential election.

Scott Cobb, an Austin delegate who initiated the proposal, collected enough signatures — 30 percent of the delegates — to force a floor vote on the matter.

Before that could actually happen, though, Dallas state Sen. Royce West moved to table the proposal. West chairs a task force appointed by the state party to study the state’s “primacaucus” approach and report recommendations to the party after hearings around the state.

“We plan on making certain nothing is off the table,” West told delegates.

By a roll-call vote, delegates agreed to table Cobb’s proposal. Seventy-nine percent of the delegates voted to table, 21 percent voted against that.

Party officials had said before the convention they planned to wait to act on the primary-caucus system until they had gathered more information from delegates and held public hearings across the state on the issue.

Cobb’s proposal called for allocating the state’s pledged delegates by the results of the primary vote, though the caucus would continue to elect delegates to the local conventions.

Cobb said before the table turn that regardless of the results in the convention, the successful petition effort showed strong support for a change.


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